The Rural Services Complex was established in Al-Qura in 1418 AH and continued to serve the governorate and its affiliated centers and villages until the Royal Order came to upgrade it to the level of a category (D) municipality in 1424 AH. Since its inception, it has been engaged in providing municipal services to villages and abandonment, where municipal services include each of (the governorate center - Bani Harir and Bani Adwan centers - and Nakhal center). Professional certificates and many other services. Despite the large scope of the municipality's services, it was able to change the features of the province and other centers and make it compete with the rest of the kingdom's provinces in terms of beauty. In1434, Governor of Al-Baha Region previously inaugurated the new building of the Municipality of Al-Qura Governorate, where Highness cut the ribbon and unveiled the memorial plaque marking the opening of the building on King Abdulaziz Road with area of 2545 m2.


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  • The quality of roads within the city and attention to their maintenance

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  • City sidewalks and their maintenance

  • Afforestation and caring for the city

  • City parking

  • City parks, maintenance and cleanliness

  • Municipal services provided by residential plans

  • Municipal supervision of establishments

  • Electronic services provided

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