Baljurashi governorate is located in the southern part of the Al-Baha region, 20 kilometers away from the city of Al-Baha. It is the largest governorate in the Al-Baha region and the commercial, economic and cultural center. It is a tourist city and contains all branches of government departments, hospitals, health centers, hotels, tourist resorts, restaurants, popular markets and complexes. Commercial investment by the municipality and private. The municipality supervises all the services pertaining to it according to its jurisdiction and provides services to citizens to provide all their needs.


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Dear beneficiary, because your opinion matters to us, please evaluate our municipal services in terms of:

  • City cleanliness level

  • The quality of roads within the city and attention to their maintenance

  • The quality and maintenance of the city's infrastructure

  • City lighting and maintenance

  • City sidewalks and their maintenance

  • Afforestation and caring for the city

  • City parking

  • City parks, maintenance and cleanliness

  • Municipal services provided by residential plans

  • Municipal supervision of establishments

  • Electronic services provided

  • الخدمات البلدية بشكل عام

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