The municipality of Bani Hassan Governorate was established in 1432 AH, and the municipality was classified as a category (E) in a rented building. Work is currently underway to establish its own headquarters, and the first phase of it has been completed. Since its inception, it has been engaged in providing municipal services to villages and centers under the scope of the municipality’s supervision. The municipality’s services are numerous in several areas including (asphalt, lighting, landscaping, cleanliness, environmental health, issuance of technical licenses, professional certificates and many other services). With the large area of ​​the municipality's services, which amounts to 122 thousand km2, it was able to help facilitate the citizens and residents, change the features of the governorate and other centers, and make it compete with the rest of the Kingdom's governorates in terms of beauty.


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Dear beneficiary, because your opinion matters to us, please evaluate our municipal services in terms of:

  • City cleanliness level

  • The quality of roads within the city and attention to their maintenance

  • The quality and maintenance of the city's infrastructure

  • City lighting and maintenance

  • City sidewalks and their maintenance

  • Afforestation and caring for the city

  • City parking

  • City parks, maintenance and cleanliness

  • Municipal services provided by residential plans

  • Municipal supervision of establishments

  • Electronic services provided

  • الخدمات البلدية بشكل عام

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