Al-Aqiq Governorate is one of the nine governorates of Al-Baha region, which is located northeast of Al-Baha region, 35 km away from it, and extends to the borders of the Asir region in the east and southeast-west of Bisha Governorate, and extends to the borders of Makkah Al-Mukarramah region in the east and northeast through the governorates of Rania and Turbah The city of Al-Aqiq is distinguished by its spatial and economic importance due to its geographical location. Its area is 3,677 square kilometers as the largest governorate in Al-Baha region, with a population of about 4,2000 people. As for the climate of Al-Aqiq, it is moderate and rainy in summer and a little cold in winter, which makes it the other pole competing for Tihama Al-Baha. Al-Aqiq Governorate is distinguished by some landmarks, including King Saud Airport, may God have mercy on him, Al-Baha University, which includes fifteen colleges, the industrial city, Al-Aqiq Dam and Tharad Dam.


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